There are many
preventablediseases in our country. Hypertension remains the top
affectingmany people across the United States. The reason our
systemis so focused on this condition is because of the conditions
arevery treatable as well as preventable. Hypertension remains the
predominantillness in our medical system. The reason why our doctors
provideso much focus on hypertension is because the main modes of
arevery simple: diet and exercise. However, the US population does not
focusor abide with diet and exercise and physicians are forced to rely
medicalmanagement. Since the majority of the US population is
fromhypertension, it is important that all individual have an
understandingon this matter. By truly understanding hypertension, we
peoplecan have a better knowledge of how to prevent the condition as
asits many serious complications. Hypertension occurs when the blood
pressureis elevated this is a severe medical condition. This condition
toof have nearly afflicted over a billion people internationally and
majorfactor to mortality and morbidity. This disease is often termed
the“silent killer”. The disease is usually unnoticed until the
effectssuch as stroke, renal function and blindness have come upon the
patients. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure.
isdefined on the basis of levels above generally accepted normal’s the
normalpressure of an adult would be 120/80. Blood pressure is
inmillimeters of mercury. The number on top is the pressure that is
whenyour heart beats which is referred to as the systolic number. The
systolicnumber may be above normal when it is above the 140 level. The
numberon the bottom is the pressure inside blood vessels when the
atease which is also known as the diastolic number. The diastolic...
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