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| Introduction | Research |
    The Unit of Epidemiology & Biostatistics began as the Rural Health Research Division in August 1967 and was one of the components of the reorganized Division of Medical Zoology. The Director of the Institute Dr (Dato') Ungku Omar - Ahmad served as Head of the new Division and his Deputy Head Dr AJ Beck was the Resident Co - ordinator of the Hooper Foundation / University of California International Centre for Medical & Research Training (ICMRT) project at the IMR.
In the 70's research was mainly geared towards infections diseases. In the 80's, it was identified that some of the non-infectious disease rates were surging upwards especially cancers, hypertension diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases. The lifestyles of people were fast changing and so were the disease trends, though the infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid, measles,...