Hydraulic Membrance Filter Press

Hydraulic membrance filter press(also called hydraulic diaphragm filter press). We have both one-cylinder and double-cylinder hydraulic filter pressing machines.

We supply the most suitable filter presses to satisfy the specific requirements of its clients and guarantee a high level of reliability, quality and security. Before delivery all our filters are carefully tested to check their perfect operations.filter press: http://www.ms-machinery.com/category/Filter-Press-Equipment.html

Manual and /or automatic filter press
Filter press for inert products
Paper filters
Stainless steel plates filters and frames
Cellulose and/or diatomite
Special filters for industrial oils

The structure of filter press
The filter press frame is fabricated of ASTM-A36 carbon steel plate and structures. Weldments shall be open gusset construction for maximum strength and ease of maintenance. All weldments shall be designed to evenly distribute the operational forces developed during filtration over the entire component. All structural components shall be continuously welded for maximum strength. Intermittent welding of structural joints shall not be acceptable. All components shall be designed with a minimum safety factor of 1.5 times the maximum closure force. Critical assembly points such as sidebar connections shall be machined to close tolerances to ensure uniform load distribution at all stress bearing areas. Rotary Kiln: http://www.ms-machinery.com/product/rotary-kiln.html

Filter plates is molded from virgin, gray polypropylene and shall contain no fillers. Plates shall have a drainage surface design that shall provide adequate support for filter cloths and shall have integrally molded stay boss supports equally spaced on the drain field. Plate sealing surfaces shall be machined to a maximum parallel plane tolerance of .3 mm. Chamber recess depth dimension shall have a tolerance not to exceed .5 mm.