High-Pressure Dry Powder Press Machine Produced by Fote

Briquette coal ball press machine is suitable to the materials difficult to be molded. It has the characteristics like: big molding pressure, adjustable main engine revolution, equipped with a screw conveying device. The main engine is motivated by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, then the power is passed through the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer and rod pin coupling to the driving shaft. The driving shaft and driven shaft with hydraulic equipment behind keep synchronous operation through the open gear. The high pressure dry powder ball press machine is more expensive compared with other ball press machine because of its particular functions. So, you must first determine whether your material is suitable for high pressure dry powder ball press machine before buying it, in order to avoid unnecessary spending,

Due to the material to be pressed is completely dry, the dry powder ball press machine needs stronger stress, about 4-5 times than the common pressure ball machine. Therefore, the configuration of the power of motor and reducer is far higher than that of normal ball press machine. Double roll material also differ from the normal ball press machine, adopting nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, titanium and other alloy materials as the raw materials of the roller, so the roller has a stronger abrasion resistance and better toughness.

Spiral feeder unit is driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, turned by the pulley and worm reducer, and then the material to be pressed will be forced into the inlet. When the materials sent by the spiral feeder equals the needed quantity of the host, it can maintain a constant feeding pressure and make the pellet quality stable. If the supply is too much, the feeder equipment will overload, while too little, the pellet cannot be molded. So the skilled operation is vital to guarantee the normal work of the ball press machine.

Hydraulic pressure protection device is to produce the piston axial...