Hw Any Kitonape the Theme of Pirates by Celia Rees

A Female Pirate Destined For Adventure.

Pirates! by Celia Rees. The true and remarkable adventures of two female pirates, Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington take to the seas to escape their stringent lives. After being shipped off to be forced into marriage in Jamaica who knows where piracy will bring Nancy and Minerva, or who will follow.   In this essay we will discuss how our protagonist Nancy Kington, reveals that the life of two people from two different cultures can have an big impact on each other by her journey as a kind, ambitious, and adventurous character.

Nancy from the beginning start off as a naive character. Which by being so naive does her pure kindness for other shine. Nancy Kington, while on her family’s plantation in Jamaica, finds out she has a half sister Minerva, who is a slave on the plantation. Nancy and Minerva become close friends, and Nancy realizes the cruelty of her own plantation as she says “One grey summer morning my wish of freedom was granted but not how I would have wanted.”.   Nancy’s kindness in her heart couldn’t bare to watch anyone suffer under her fathers hand. Nancy and Minerva, with each others help set off for freedom by joining a tribe of escaped slaves. Nancy wished to help Minerva, and the other slaves making her a very kind character.

Nancy is not only Kind, but has hopes and dreams that she needs to achieve. Making her an ambitious character. Nancy and Minerva were enjoying life with the tribe, but knew soon enough that Nancy’s brothers, and fiance would come after her. Knowing how little time they had before they would have to leave Minervas mother Phyllis, stayed with them all day cherishing their last day. “don't fear tomorrow, 'til today's done with you.” After a long day of worry along the shore line a pirate ship drew near, and after a fair trade of food, and furs a feast was held. With music, dancing, and sea shanties they showed how free and happy they were. Nancy and Minerva finally found their chance....