Huntingtons Disease

Is assisting in one’s death by suicide wrong and should one be punished for helping?   Is there anything wrong with one wanting to die after finding out they have a disease that will eventually result in ones’ death?   Is it okay to commit suicide or should you live out the life that was given to you and “play the hand that you were dealt?”   The following questions will be answered throughout this course of this essay. Not everyone feels the same but I believe in some cases if one wants to take their life and is requesting the assistance of an another it should not be a crime if the person who is wanting to die has a good reason and is at the time sane and of legal age and is taking care of themselves. The following is an example of a situation that is happening more than we care to think.
Huntington’s disease is a progressive, degenerative disease that causes nerve cells in your brain to waste away. As a result of this disease one will experience emotional disturbances and mental deterioration.   The disease is an inherited one with the signs and symptoms occurring during middle age. While there are medications to help with the signs and symptoms, Huntington’s disease always leads to a disable state.   With death usually occurring within 10 to 30 years after the signs and symptoms first appear.   This disease is referred to as an autosomnal dominant disorder because it only takes one copy of the defective gene, inherited by either parent, to produce this disease. If one parent has this faulty gene then the chances of the offspring inheriting the disorder is 50/50. If the offspring does not inherit the gene then they will not be able to pass it down to their offspring. In some rare cases on is able to acquire this disease without having a family history. Anyone who does have this faulty gene will eventually at some point in life if they live long enough will develop Huntington’s disease.  
Now with all this knowledge and how the disease works and progresses and...