Humour Essay

Humour can be defined as to comply with the wishes of (someone) in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be. The following cartoons demonstrate humour in many ways. Firstly, the ‘Stick Figure Epiphanies’ also known as ‘Shorts’ by Darion Conwell uses black humour by showing us that some people don’t take many things as a joke, they actually take it for real. The second cartoon produced by Reynolds ‘A Sesame Street Thanksgiving’ uses buffoonery and absurd humour by showing that instead of cooking a turkey they cook Big Bird instead. Both cartoons will be compared identifying the various visuals and techniques used by the artists. A judgement can then be made as to why they are funny or humorous.

Firstly, the ‘Stick Figure Epiphanies’ by Darion Conwell uses black humour by showing us that some people don’t actually take things as a joke they actually sometimes take it for real. This image shows two stick figure people talking about cancer. There is a saying that if your hands are bigger than your face it means that you have cancer. As they look at their hands, the second person figures out that they have no hands at all and they both die knowing that hey have just received double the cancer. By making this comic funny it uses two types of humour: absurd and black humour. This comic strip shows these type of techniques by giving us a variety of how we get cancer by looking at our hands. The colours in the background which are grey and black really make the white stick figures stand out to meet the eye. This comic strip is amusing because it shows us how ridiculous it is by looking at how big our hands are to finding out that we have cancer (which is not actually true).

Secondly, ‘A Sesame Street Thanksgiving’ by Reynolds uses buffoonery by showing that with people in society when they really say that eating a cow is like eating a feast. This image shows the whole sesame street gang having a thanksgiving with Big Bird...