Human Resource Management

One type of improvement that I would implement in regards to human resource management is performance appraisal and feedback.   This type of component allows managers and human resource staff to be able to determine the effectiveness of the employees, while seeking to strengthen employees as well.   Having an effective evaluation process will allow employees the opportunity to see, through their supervisor’s eyes, how effective they are at the job they are given.   If the employee has concerns or wishes that he or she wants to communicate to the supervisor, these evaluations are also a good time to express those.
While scheduled evaluations are important for employees and managers alike, it is equally if not more important for there to be consistent, constructive, and positive feedback given as well.   Employees who feel they are appreciated for the work they already do well will continue to find ways to work better in aspects that they may be struggling.   In addition, the morale of the individual spreads to others in the department and eventually company-wise, affecting all employees.   This positive attitude can greatly increase the value of not only the employees, but the value of the service or product the company provides as well.
There are ways that a manager or supervisor can provide constructive, consistent, and positive feedback.   Sincere thank you notes, purchasing a favorite treat or prize, expressing appreciation to family members, and being interested in the employee as a person are all great ways to increase the value of the employee and in turn make them more valuable to the company.