Hum 176 Become a Critic

The movie The Crazies demonstrates a wide range of people’s actions and reactions of occurrences in society today.   This movie stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson, and Danielle Panabaker.   This production is a remake of a previous production from the 1970s, and it is quite suspenseful; I believe that the most suspense was created because of the possibility that similar events could occur.   It has long been denied by the government that testing on citizens or “accidents,” as is the case in this movie, have occurred.   This movie demonstrated to the audience what could happen in the event that an “accident” or test went awry.  
Sadly, society today has a “Save yourself!” attitude, perhaps because of numerous popular films that used this exact line so famously (or infamously).   If a witness to a crime is not directly involved, they will often attempt to pretend that nothing happened.   Some people may watch a monstrous attack on innocent people without saying a word to stop it.   This may be because some people do not want to be involved in others’ affairs, or as experienced in this movie, remaining silent could be to avoid detection to save their own lives.   This directly correlates to society today.   Concerned citizens that alert authorities are often seen as “rats” or tattle-tales.   Today, the emphasis on minding one’s own business and worrying about oneself first has taken over, which has created a lack of caring for or protecting others.   I believe that this has created a lack of, or a drastic lessening of, empathy in society, both now, and for the future.
Another correlation to society today that was demonstrated in this film is the reaction of the masses of people detained without being given basic information.   Once the government realized that a specimen intended to be destroyed had accidentally been introduced to the public, they decided to take action to contain those that were assumed to be infected.   When mobs of people are “caged”...