Hu300 Unit 4 Project

Carolyn Davis
Kaplan University

Music in early days of childhood is essential. I associate finger rhymes and nursery rhymes with my childhood. Children dance, hum, and sing to react to music. Other Children try to form original music and dance to complement it. This music always made me feel happy and like I always wanted to move with it. I believe this show that I was a child who loved to play and sing. I love nursery rhymes. For some reason parents do not teach children these as much as they use to. Nursery rhymes have been around in some shape and style for centuries, being passed down to all generations. I worked in the Children’s Library for ten years and it seemed like no one was teaching their children the nursery rhymes. There are a lot of benefits to teaching your child nursery rhymes. One great thing about them is you can learn them together with your child. This brings closeness between the child and parent. Another great thing about them is they are fun. Children can also learn lessons from them. They learn morals, poetry, and helps with memory.
I use to listen to Disco and Rock when I was a teen. I listen to it because I liked it. I have never done anything because others did. This music to me had rhythm, a sound that made me feel like moving, tapping my feet or just singing along with it. The things you listen to as a teen is possibly the first things you get to chose to listen to all by yourself. Music from my teens takes me back to my youth. Fondness for a certain type of music invokes memories that formed in your teenage years that started your musical alertness and favorites. I'm interested in all kinds of music, but the music of my teen years still sounds different than the music I hear today. Since life was new to me then. The world was a new beginning to me and there are so many memories emotionally involved for me. I had a special connection with my music at that age.
Music I love to listen to and sing with is my comfort music....