Stephanie Jones
Instructor Ruth Hendrick

Program Planning and Grant Proposals

Respond in complete sentences, using your own words, to these 3 questions:
  1. Define the terms "program plans" and "grant proposals." Be sure to include a discussion of the Program Planning Formula discussed on pages 11 & 12 in your text but use your own words.
Program plans are an idea of services to be put in place and carried out with specific detailed plans to serve clients that are need of specific services. In order for the program to be run successfully there must be a plan of action put in place before any actions are taken. The result of the program plans, must end with positive outcomes or the betterment of the client that is being served. Grant proposal would be a written detailed proposal to the government, asking for money in order to start up a program that would benefit and fulfill a need, such as a social problem. the rant must include things such as what the money would be used for, who it will be used for and how much money will it take in order to serve a certain population who stands in the need.
  2. How are program plans and grant proposals related to each other? How are they similar? How are they different?
Program plans and grant proposal goes hand in hand, you would first have to have a plan, a detailed outline of what you want to do and who you want to serve. A grant proposal takes the grant planning, details it, explains it, from beginning to end, as well as speculates on the outcome. Then it has to give monetary facts of how the money will be used for this specific planning set forth to supply a service to a social issue. They are similar because they are both showing a need for services for a specific group of people. They are different, because the grant proposal goes into greater , more specific details for why they need money and who, what , when and where the monies would be allocated. The program planning...

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