Hsm270 Week 7

Scenario Evaluation Plan
Name Witheld
September 29, 2010
Dr. Hendrick

Scenario Evaluation Plan


This paper covers the Continental Senior Center (CSC) bookshop and café scenario evaluation plan. A program overview is given to inform on the program, and the goals and objectives of the program are clearly stated. The program evaluation incorporates A Process Evaluation, and an Outcome Evaluation. Both evaluation models are given in their respective tables with information relating to: the evaluation question, the source of the information, the method of data gathering, the evaluation timeline, the designated person responsible for the data.

Program Overview

The CSC bookshop and café program is a community organized approach to address the issues of isolation, quality of life, community empowerment, poverty, and successful aging for the seniors of Westminster, (Axia College Material, n.d).  
The goals of the bookshop and café program are to:
• Provide leadership opportunities for seniors through employment and management of the bookshop and café.
• To create funds to support seniors in the community on low incomes.
• Create innovative events and sales which promote and strengthen community participation.
• To organize agendas to effectively address issues.
• To build a welcoming, and inclusive hub open to all residents of the Westminster community.

Evaluation Objectives

The evaluation objectives of the community bookshop and café program are as follows.
1. Is the program community driven?
2. Is the program empowering the community?
3. Are leadership skills employed, and effectively used?
4. What are the participation figures?
5. What is the quality of the bookshop and café experience?
6. Are the events held at the community bookshop and café interesting and representative of community interests?
7. What is the impact of the sale of community made goods in the bookshop and café?
8. Is the bookshop...