Hsc036 Promote Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

HSC036 – Promote person centred approaches in health and social care

      1.1. Person centred planning (PCP) should encompass every aspect of a service users support. Effective PCP is designed to ensure that the individual’s needs are always central when creating an effective support plan. Aspects such as an individuals goals, history, communication requirements, likes, dislikes and personal preferences should all be dutifully incorporated to create a fair, effective and unique care plan.

1:1 support with an individual is paramount when gaining an understanding of how their needs are to be met. Providing a chance for them to be involved with the planning process can provide an opportunity for service user empowerment as well as making sure that their support is fully tailored to their needs.

      1.2. Using effective care plans that apply person centres values provides the service user the chance to create a plan that it directly linked to their values and needs. Nobody likes to feel as though a generic method of care is applied when considering his or her support needs. Everyone is unique with requirements that relate exclusively to themselves.

Creating a care plan that ensures that person centred values are met will make all the difference when considering an individuals ability to understand, agree with and engage with their support plans. A care plan should always relate directly to the individual involved. This can relate to the way in which any given goal can be effectively achieved or it could relate to how the individual interprets their care plan. For example if a service user found it difficult to read information could be conveyed through the use of pictures. It is incredibly important to ensure person centred values are applied within care plans to ensure that an individual agrees with the goals proposed as well as the best way in which to attain them.

2.3 It is important to remain flexible when considering a service users support...