Cu2666 - Promote Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

CU 2666 Promote Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

  1. :   For example, we have to respect the choices of the User. If the spiritual believes could

appear not adequate for us, doesn’t mean that we are right and they are wrong. We need to do everything we can for help to promote adequate and good care for this user respecting their choices, independence and privacy.

  2. :   The Care Plan is our bible. It provide all the information we need to provide the care

that the Users desire. The person is at the centre of our work, this mean we need plan and let the person to maintain their independent. Care Plans need to be review regularly to fulfil the individuals needs.

3.3   :   For example when we admin Medications Stop any other activities we are doing, check and read all the information we have (care plan, MAR chart, blister pack ... ) Log in the LogBook. If anything happen, report immediately to line manager, inform the user and report it in the LogBook.

4.1   :   Encouraging people to do as much as possible for themselves , settings goals and task. Listening and acknowledging someone strengths and weakness. Allow individuals time to think and evolve in what they want to do. Recognising achievements however big or small they have made. If they cannot understand or make decisions by their self, the next of kin will be informed and asked. The order usually is spouses, parents, children (this may change)

5.4   :   Ensuring they have the correct information and know when these decision were made   on their behalf. Inform them of the rights that they have. Assisting on searching of more information which that may help them make their decisions. If they would like to make a complaint, inform them the Company policy and help them in making the complaint if necessarily

6.1   :   Personal Identity is the way we see our self and is related to our self image. This is important because it we will affect the way we feel about our self (...