Hsc Lv 3


16 Carers should be encouraged to identify support that they require to help them fulfil their caring role. Both individuals and their carers need to be given the correct information they require to help them reach their own decisions and conclusions. you should not assume that people are in a position to ask for information they need. They may not be aware of the support there is for them and must be given the information

The range of services and facilities that individuals may want to use is large and varied and not always provided by health care services other services provided by commerce, industry and retail services will also be useful. once people have the information the next thing to do is to support them to use the services
This may involve supporting with forms and other paperwork.

The current local, UK and European   legislation and organisational requirements, procedures and practices for risk assessments and management include.
• Health and safety at work act and regs
• Manual handling regs
• Management of health and safety at work regs

I can access records and information on the needs, views and preferences of individuals and key people in their care plan. This contains detailed information about the type of social activities they enjoy doing and support they require when accessing these services or facilities in the community

Government reports, inquiries and research relevant to individuals accessing, using and evaluating services and facilities are included in the white paper valuing people published by the department of health.

My role is to support individuals to identify and communicate what they want and need to improve their own health and well being. Accessing services, facilities and support groups is important for individuals as it can help in crease their confidence and allow them to become more independent