Hsc 3047support Use of Medication


There are several legislations to help with the administration of medications in the social care setting:---

MEDICINES ACT 1968--- This requires that all pharmacist or other dispensing bodies comply to and can only do this using the correct current form of prescription in an appropriate authorised source.

MISUSE OF DRUGS ACT 1971--- This helps control the use and administration of Controlled Drugs such as Morphine and Oromorph.

MISUSE OF DRUGS (SAFE CUSTODY) REGULATIONS 2007--- This is to help with the safekeeping and recording of controlled drugs, they should be kept away from other medication in a lockable cabinet, where the key is kept with the person ion charge at all times.

HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974--- This helps employers and its employees maintain a safe working environment within the workplace, it helps maintain a safe and risk free workplace for all who enter the premises.

CONTROL OF SUBSTANCE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH (COSHH) REGULATIONS 1999--- This is required to help protect employees against risk when using substances in the work place, employers are to provide personal protective equipment (ppe) to all who come into contact with harmful substances.

MENTAL CAPACITY ACT 2005--- This helps people who may not have the capacity to speak out for themselves, it helps plan for their future, helps them with problems they need to come to terms with, it upholds the principle for the best interest of the individual, it holds a criminal offence for those wilfully neglecting someone with low or no capacity.

ACCESS TO HEALTH RECORDS ACT 1990--- This act gives guidance to individuals the right to access their own medical health records without any obstruction.

DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998--- This act requires all organisations to keep all information regarding individuals that they have on computer safe and secure, only the individual   and person upholding the records should be allowed...