Hrm Function

HRM Function and Organizational culture in ACH d.d. – essay
HRM function in my company is aware that satisfied, skilful and motivated employees play a key role in the achievement of company goals. Therefore, it strives to create for its employees, a stimulating working environment and devotes attention to innovativeness and creativity. Employees are treated as competitive power, as key factor for success.
In line with high expectations towards employees, ACH provides us with the opportunity to systematically develop our professional and personal potential. In co-operation with employee’s superiors, HRM function regularly co-ordinate their professional ambitions with the Company’s goals and actively participate in the planning of their own career paths.
Within the framework of career development, ACH, d.d. developed two processes geared towards professional and personal growth of employees:
    • Education and training.
    • Developmental assignments.
Education & training
Education & training encompasses in-service training as well as additional educational and training programmes helping employees to acquire or upgrade their professional education. All employees for whom an individual development and educational plan is drawn up are invited to enrol in the ACH Business Academy.
Through the ACH Business Academy, the Company pursues its strategy of developing its own human resources potential for top managerial and expert positions - specialists. The lectures are delivered by in-house and outsource experts covering theoretical subjects as well as their practical application in ACH's working environment. The Academy offers programmes for managerial employees, promising employees and top management.
Developmental assignments
Developmental assignments are brought in line with the development plan which is drawn up in conjunction with the employees. After having successfully completed an individual development and educational programme, an employee may be...