Rightsizing in Hr Department

TO: Chris Sedgefield, City Manager
FROM: Pat Alvarez, Director of Human Resources Department
SUBJECT: Policy Memo on RIF Plans
DATE:             15 September 2010
The city of Urbanopolis is entering a new era of growth and development. In order to promote growth, preserve and revitalize older areas and neighborhoods, it would require some innovative and radical measures for funding the initiatives.
Why Right Size?
The Right Sizing Exercise will suggest a set of recommendations and a framework that will support Urbanopolis to make consistent decisions and align with the work that is done. This foundation will allow us to continue to achieve our outcomes as Council requirements, technology and the needs of our customers constantly change. Understanding the work we do, will form basis for the suggested Reduction in force Model described herewith in the document as “Right Sizing Exercise” as opposed to “Down Sizing Exercise”. The above has been suggested to convey a message to our shareholders and citizens of Urbanopolis that this exercise is not aimed at slashing jobs and making people unemployed but to determine and maintain the right number of people required for optimum functioning and thus aiming to increase the efficiency and reputation of the HR Department.
The type of work & Suggested “Reduction in Force Model” for   Urbanopolis HR Dept.

The work we do now and any new work in future will be mapped across the three classifications. The main assumption of the work is that we will continue to maintain our presence and continuously strive to better the standard of service and improve upon the range of services we deliver to our customers.
  * Transactional: This is the process and volume driven work such as processing, filing and payment information and services for our staff.
  * Interactional: This is the work where we need to...