Hpe: Biathlon Assignment

This task requires an analysis of the physical demands of biathlon in terms of energy systems and fitness components. A 4-week training program aimed at improving the athlete’s performance in biathlon. A pre and posttest will take place to determine the effectiveness of the training program, as well as the athlete’s personal improvements.
Biathlon is a short-course, high intensity endurance event, which consists of two 800m run legs, and a 200m swim (for an athlete of my capability), whereby the athlete relies most heavily on their aerobic energy system for energy production, with some anaerobic efforts during the start, finish and transition stages of the event. Biathlon is partly anaerobic because of the interval aspect of the race, and the fact that it is a short distance endurance event. Like most endurance events, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity are the most crucial fitness components needed for biathlon, however components of fitness such as muscular strength and flexibility can be of somewhat beneficial towards the athlete’s performance as well.
Students were given the choice of either a run swim run or a swim run swim. The distance for each event were; run 800m swim 200m run 800m or swim 200m run 800m swim 200m. Knowing my capability I decided to do a run swim run. This is because my running leg is substantially better than my swim leg.   In the pretest my result 14.01minutes. Which was a little disappointing, however I have struggled with a prolonged back injury which may be one of the reasons as to why my pre-test was took so long. Also I have not doing swimming in a long time, this is another reason as to why my pre-test result is what it is. My goals during this 4 week training program would be to improve my aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This will be done through specific training, and using different training principles and methods.
The aerobic system is the most critical aspect of a biathlete’s fitness, as the high...