Hp and Tyson Foods


With a passion on technological inventions, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard together created a company that changed the face of technology. Founded in 1939, Hewlett Packard (HP) introduces various inventions that captured consumers and major corporation interests. With operations worldwide, Hewlett Packard became successful generating more than $115 million in profits in 2008 alone (HP Corporate Information, 2010). Despite the company’s accomplishments, unethical practices surfaced revealing the use of confidential e-mails and private phone records creating a public outrage. In 2006, Hewlett Packard appeared before Congress on criminal charges against numerous company officials including former Chairperson Patricia Dunn of unethical misconduct for unlawfully obtaining private phone records along with e-mails under false pretences in a form of pretexting. Pretexting is a controversial method of obtaining phone records and personal information under false pretences (Heritage Institute, 2007).
The aforementioned allegations facing Hewlett Packard created conflict between board leaders and directors leaking sensitive information to journalists. “The matter came to a head when the most sensitive details of discussions at a board retreat ended up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on January 24, 2005” (Heritage Institute, 2007, para. 2). Right after   Hewlett-Packard had regained control from missteps over previous years, scandals involving its board chairperson and officials about questionable techniques threatens the future of the organization. Hewlett-Packard’s chairperson Patricia Dunn replies to the accusations by submitting to the law yet the case was dismissed.
HP upholds its leading position and success in its industry however, the lack of communication between board members and directors exists affecting leadership relationship. “Overall, a perception of leadership is most often based on the leaders’ communication abilities and...