How to Success in Your Life

How to success in your life……………..

1. Work hard at being more adaptable to changes. Remember every change that comes your way gives you an opportunity to move ahead of those that won't or can't adapt to sudden change.
2. Work hard at looking for shortcuts in everything you do. Always be alert to easier, more efficient ways of doing your routine task. Can you cut out, reduce, speed-up or combine steps - without sacrificing effectiveness?
3. Work hard at planning ahead as much as possible. The best chess players always think one move ahead. You should always try to do the same. Prepare yourself mentally before you act physically. This alone will help you avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes.
4. Work hard at finding working hard at working smart role models. Always be on the look-out for people who work hard at working smart. Here's a hint; they'll usually be the people who get more done in less time and with fewer resources than others.
5. Work hard at learning quickly from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. You're smart if you can learn from your mistakes, you're intelligent if you can learn from others mistakes - but you're wise if you can do both.
6. Work hard at finding ways to wisely multitask. What's most important about multitasking (doing 2 or more things at once)? Is knowing when to multitask and when not to. Routine task should be multitasked. Detailed, risky, and dangerous projects should not be.
7. Work hard at keeping current on the latest technology related to your task. Allow technology to help you work harder at working smarter. Whatever your task, a gadget, software program or tool exist that can help you do it more efficiently.
It is my hope that these 7 tips will inspire you to think of more ways you can work hard at working smart. The benefits and satisfaction will be well worth your time and effort.