How to Reduce Crime



Nowadays, along with the development of all countries all over the world, Viet Nam is developing with a fast pace in different fields like  economy, politics, culture... This brings to a lot of good things. Beside that, there are a number of other relevant problems that Viet Nam is facing. Especially, crime is a big problem which influences   on social law and order seriously.So, how to reduce crime? There are many arguable ideas in using the best method to reduce crime such as:attacking the causes of crime such as poverty and lack of educational opportunities, putting more people into prison and having more police on the street . In my opinion, I disagree that  attacking the causes of crime can reduce crime, but I approve with imprisoning more people and increasing the quantity of police on the street.


Many people think that, having more police on the street can’t reduce crime.Simply, the more society develop, the more kind of crime increase . These crimes are in varied forms in many fields such as: economy, politics…In addition, due to the supporting of modern technique, people can do illegal actions more easily. Hence, it’s very difficult to police to detect and supervise them. Morever, it’s not satisfactory in carrying out this way because of financial problem.Government must cost a lot of money in training and paying salary for police.However,I have a different point of view. I   myself think that more police with professional equipment on the street can reduce crime effectively. Police can detect and control crime easily without wasting a lot of time thanks to the supporting technique and the combination among police, especially. Also,police can prevent people from acting publicly and confine secrect crime. Really, seeing a lot of police on the street, people can feel scared and give up their publicly illegal plans. From this, I believe that having more police on the street is an...