How to Make Nylon 6,10

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Making Nylon 6,6
Making Nylon 6


The primary goal of this exercise is to teach you the student the fundamental laboratory skills necessary for making nylons. That's right, YOU are going to be able to make nylon when we're through here. In addition, this exercise seeks to teach you the fundamental concepts and theories involved with nylon synthesis. We're going to do this so that you know just WHY you're doing what you're doing, and not just following instructions like little obedient sheep. Furthermore, by the time you're done we hope that by having a firm grasp of the theory behind nylon synthesis, and having mastered the hands-on skills involved, you'll know how to alter the properties of your nylon by altering the appropriate reaction conditions, plus be able to troubleshoot your reaction should things go awry, all without having to go running to your TA to ask what to do at every little step. You're here to learn how to be independent, not codependent!

The objectives to be reached in achieving the above stated goals fall into two categories. First are the lab skills to be obtained, and second are fundamental concepts to be learned. Let's list them:
Lab skills you will learn, if you don't already know them

Weighing out quantities of reactants
Preparing of solutions of known concentrations

Using a Bunsen burner without burning yourself and without producing deadly amounts of carbon monoxide

The proper technique for heating a test tube in a flame without shooting the contents at your lab partner

Safe handling of pyrophobic materials such as NaH

Drawing fibers from a molten polymer without burning yourself

The Nylon Rope Trick, a neat visual demonstration...