How to Keep Rotary Cement Kiln in Stable Condition?

Rotary kiln cylinder between the roller ring inside of the bend it's better to keep 0.05% of the roller ring spacing in two archives, rotary cement kiln preheater of cylinder of head and end of the swinging values remain at 0.4%. Rotary kiln mouth before and after the plate or protection brick block brick, cannot have serious defects. Any location in the cylinder can't appear crack, once appearing red kiln, big or small, should immediately stop kiln running.

As cement clinker rotary kiln minerals formed at different stages of different needs, it can be phased to meet the requirements for heat and temperature of different mineral form, and also can meet the requirements of time for a conveying device, it has greater potential.In addition to calcining clinker, rotary kiln also has these functions of the burning device, chemical reaction device and transmission device; it is actually complex universal thermal technology equipment.

The centerline deviation of cylinder should be maintained within the 5 mm, that is to say, the two suitable rolling centerline circle center is as a theory, the fulcrum of the centerline of the largest deviation should be maintained within the 10 the heat exchange equipment It has a more uniform temperature field and can meet the cement clinker production process at various stages of heat transfer a chemical reactor.

To make rotary kiln be sustained and stable operation, and in intact condition, we will be in a certain time the size of the parts of rotary kiln and the degree of wear and tear for effective detection, in order to achieve the best operation state, it is convenient for us to change in time or in the presence to adjust when the problem arises. In the process of rotary kiln, the cylinder is a part which cannot be ignored.

The main role of cement rotary kiln is used for calcining of cement and lime. In cement production, cement rotary kiln is special equipment for high-temperature...