How to Install Small Granite Crusher Correctly?

Before starting the mini granite crusher, first open the oil pump to oil gas in cylinder.After the crushing cone up to the job position, close the cut-off valve, stop the pump at the same time.The structure of the gyratory crusher, convenience of adjusting the row ore mouth size users satisfied with the product particle size and production activities.In the gyratory crusher, fall into the crushing chamber of mini granite crusher when the broken things, cause broken force increases, the oil pressure system is increased, the oil pressure into the accumulator inside the cylinder, so that the crushing cone down, row ore mouth increase exclusion of broken objects.

Not broken after from a mini small granite crusher, under the action of accumulator, oil through one-way throttle valve is the slow ground pressure in the cylinder, so that the crushing cone very smooth automatic reset. small granite crusher china-africa gouge size too big can't row ore mouth eduction, system, oil continues to rise up to the electric contact pressure gauge setting value is, the control system can automatically stop the main motor, to ensure the safety of the equipment.

The small granite crusher installation is as follows: Gyratory crusher belong to heavy machinery and equipment, equipped with lifting machinery are required for installation. Before the installation must be reinforced concrete base, not smooth base will increase the risk of equipment production, such as cornering, collapse and so on. small granite crusher frame is organic, middle frame and beam, they use the bolt tightening, on the basis of the reinforced concrete frame installation.

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