Cone Cursher Used for Granite Crusher Plant

Granite is the building sand of raw material of high quality, but also a wide range of uses, in the cement plant, stone material factory, in addition to limestone, stone broken line in the number of occupied the largest proportion of granite and limestone, granite is different, the hardness is larger, more difficult to break, and will cause serious wear and tear, the crusher board hammer therefore, the crushing process of granite to reasonable design, lower capital cost and operation cost as much as possible. So do the granite profit? How to configure the granite crushing production line the most cost-effective?
At present, the jaw crusher   counter selection scheme of broken or jaw crusher cone crusher   ,but the impact wear broken granite plate hammer is very serious, many owners can not afford such a huge wearing parts wear spending, while the cone crusher and only as crushing equipment, three broken will inevitably bring about the high running cost..
The jaw crusher and cone crusher is used as the main equipment to achieve two broken, thus, can greatly reduce the consumption rate in production of accessories. If the customer has higher on the final stone grain type requirements, can configure an impact type system sand machine shaping broken, so that the final production out of the artificial sand in the cube, so finally for the highway, railway, airport, wharf, high-rise buildings to provide quality grain shape stone.
Device configuration is mainly based on customer granite stone production line of stone specifications and yield and stone uses to determine, provide pre-sale, sale, after sale service, according to customer production site to the configuration process, strive for the customer do the most reasonable, the manager of the production line.
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