How to Implement Feed Control of Raymond Mill

Grinding machine vibration feeder uses electromagnetic feeding mode, and electric vibrator is a dual particle orientation forced vibration system. It consists of tank, the coupling fork and the armature. Entire electric vibrator feeder should be hanged in a free state and there should be a gap of around swimming without touching the materials and the feeder to avoid noise at work. After installation, the screws which used for the connection and locating the fork during verification should be loosened (there are three screws on the top and one on the bottom), which will loosen the lock nut tightened. Open the cover of the vibrator, and check whether the gap of core and armature is in the range of 1.8 ~ 2.1m, and are they parallel and clean, then check all the screw. Especially pressing iron armature screws and a plate spring, everything is normal and then covers the back.

Powered and no-load test, adjust potentiometer and increase slowly and gradually by a small amplitude adjustment. Observe the change condition of amplitude and current, the amplitude is 1.75-7%; the current is 0.6 ~ 2.5, then check whether the amplitude of the current is stable after 1h working continuously, each part without loosening the screws. Under all normal circumstances, open the gates for material transport silo then observe whether amplitude and current are stable or not again, feeding capacity meets the requirements or not. If both the amplitude and the current rating, if the feeding amount yet to meet the requirements, lifting the vibrator into a downward angle, so as to meet the feeding requirements, but the maximum angle is not more than 20 degrees.

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