Vipeak Raymond Mill Favored by Many Customers

As the king of milling industry equipment, Raymond mill play an important role in many industries.VIPEAK raymond mill machinery professional manufacturer of Raymond mill, favored by many customers, so our Raymond mill exactly what are the characteristics, we introduce for everybody below:
1, small Raymond mill machine for three-dimensional structure, cover an area of an area small, complete sets of strong sex, from expect FenZi crushing to the finished product, packaging, can independently form a system of production.
2, in terms of the finished product, small Raymond mill finished FenZi uniform fineness, sieve rate 99%, this is other milling equipment is difficult to have.Mohs hardness is less than 9.3 on the Richter scale of mineral material can be processed pieces.
3, host, transmission device, enclosed gear box and pulley, smooth transmission, important parts adopt high quality steel, wear-resistant parts adopt high-performance wear-resistant materials, whole machine high wear-resisting performance, reliable operation.
4, the analysis of the small Raymond mill machine more convenient adjustment, the electrical system adopts centralized control, milling workshop basic can achieve unattended operation, and convenient maintenance.
My company new roller mill assembly, changed the traditional structure form, use a variety of means of sealing, ruled out the boss into the oil, into the dust, three different heart defects.The new assembly of several major advantages as follows:
1, do not leak, do not need to run a refueling, only three days to one week a small amount of a lubricating oil.
2, seal degree is high, the process of production assembly in difficult into dust, so as to prolong the service life of the bearing.
3, in the process of production according to the assembly of bearing wear, adjustable bearing clearance, ensure upper and lower bearing concentric, bearing can be continuous use of more than ten months.
4, new roller assembly extended the...