How to Check the Discharging Mouth of Breaker Machine?

In any case, the minimum discharging mouth cannot be less than recommended crusher machines of different specifications. When it is less than the recommended size, the supporting sleeve will beat frequently, which may not produce satisfactory products. In addition, it will also lead to too much stress on the crushing equipment and the increase of the repairing cost. The following minimum recommended discharging mouth table gives the minimum amount of discharging size. The mouth can ensure the maximize production capacity and satisfactory performance of the breaker machine.

The Inspection of the Discharging Mouth

The method of checking the discharging mouth of the crusher machine is tying a piece lead at one end of a strong and flexible wire, when the crusher is idling, put the lead slowly into the crushing cavity. Make sure that lead should go through the lining parallel zone of the plates, and then get back the lead quickly to measure its thickness, so you will know the discharging size. If necessary, adjust the adjusting sleeve to gain the desired discharging mouth by the closed boundary. Do not use zinc brick to check the mouth, because zinc brick is not easy to be compressed, and the use of zinc block will make the supporting sleeve rise slightly, thus the measured data are not accurate.

Check whether the mouths around the crushing cavity are the same. It is best to put the lead from four 90 ° position into the crushing chamber, and then compare their thickness so that you will know whether the supporting sleeve is horizontally placed on the rack, whether it is feeding unevenly or the side wears of the breaker machine lead to the supporting sleeve inclination. When the supporting sleeve is declining, it will greatly reduce the production amount of the crushing equipment, and the supporting sleeve will beat frequently.

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