How to Be a Master of Money


            “What is your purpose of life?” What would you say if you are asked this question? When I heard this question, frankly speaking, in my mind, I already answered that "to be rich!". Likewise my case, money is merely one of the means to live but nowadays money itself is becoming on object of people's lives. To describe this situation I want to call these people servant of money. (of course myself included) These servants of money   are deceived by wealth, so they have a vain hope. Unlike these people, we have to be master of money!   And to be master of money, we have to know what money really is.
              First thing we   should know is money can't provide ours sense of stability. Including people near me, many people want to have more money, Because of hope to get stability. However the more they have bucks, the more they have a worriment and anxiety about theft. For instance, we can easily see the more people have riches, the more people have a locking device. People endeavor to get a stability, but sorrowfully they get a more anxiety. what a paradoxial situation!
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              Secondly, we should notice that many people assure that wealth promise happiness, but they do not deliver. They just create a craving for more happiness. Recently, I saw a movie 'my fair lady'. in the film , Eliza ,after obtaining wealth sadly said "what am I to go?" "where am I to go?". Likewise eliza, having a happy dream many people buy a houses , a car and spend money on stuff. And when that hasn't done it for them [that is, made them happy], they become depressed, empty and uncertain about what to do with their lives. This thing taken together, it is certain money can't bring a happiness.
                Finally, we should know that money hurt relations with others, As you can feel,...