Mastering a Skill

Time Management

All people should master the skill of time management.   This effective skill is essential to the well-being of humans and their daily activities.   Effective time management is useful in anything from planning daily schedules to planning short and long-term goals. Time management is the ability to multi-task effectively, productively, and efficiently in a set amount of time. Effective time management consists of formulating a plan, and putting it into effect, in order to achieve productiveness.
In order to gain the substantive skill of time management people must have an understanding and focus on personal values. Important tasks that have deadlines must be put high on a   priorities list. They need to break down how their current time is being spent. People must determine what in their daily activities is a waste of time. People need to ask themselves throughout the day , is what I am doing right now go to get me closer to accomplishing my goals?   Time saving techniques must be obtained. A time management plan must be developed and executed daily. A daily To Do list should contain a list of tasks ranging from the most important at the top to least important at the bottom.
Lack of time management is one major reason that people spend his or her time ineffectively. People need to discover what it is that motivates them. If a brisk walk in the evening is what motivates a person then that person   needs to make a To Do list, and put at the top of the list the task that least motivates them, accomplish it, then reward themselves with that brisk walk in the evening. Sometimes people need to get the tasks that they avoid the most and accomplish them first, so that they can look forward to do what they want to do the rest of the day.
People tend to procrastinate when a large task or project is set before them because they tend to see the project in its whole when this occurs motivation suddenly disappears. Projects must be planned and broken down...