Assessment Essay Questions

ASSIGNMENT 1 (1,000 words)
Due date: Thursday 28 March 2013 before 5pm


Select TWO events from the list below. Briefly explain what happened and then assess the wider significance of this event, as if you were writing a succinct encyclopaedia entry.   It is not enough to simply explain why this event is important within one country’s history. Rather, you need to explore the wider regional and/or global significance.

        • United Nations formed (1945)
        • Tribal militias from Pakistan invade Kashmir (1947)
        • Promulgation of new constitution in Japan (1947)
        • Founding of the state of Israel (1948)
        • People’s Republic of China formed (1949)
        • UN forces cross the 38th parallel in Korea (1950)
        • Stalin dies (1953)
        • Suez Crisis (1956)
        • Great Leap Forward (1958)
        • Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964)
        • 1973 Oil Crisis
        • Fall of Saigon (1975)
        • Deng Xiaoping comes to power (1978)
        • The Iranian Revolution (1979)
        • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan (1979)
        • Berlin Wall opened (1989)
        • Tiananmen Square protests (1989)
        • Nikkei (Japan’s stock market index) begins to plummet (1990)

Although this is a short assignment (500 words for each event = 1,000 words) it does require research. It is not enough simply to rely on the unit reader and the textbook. You MAY NOT use the textbook! You can make use of one unit guide reading and one Internet website. You should make use of a variety of academic books, journal articles or newspaper reports, to understand the wider importance of the event in question. You should use 6 sources in total.

All sources that inform your ideas need to be correctly referenced. You should include a bibliography at the end of your assignment (not included in the final word count).

The rubric...