How Does Communicaton Affect Relationships

How does communication effect relationships with colleagues and carers? For this consider the effect of good communication, bad communication and being unable to communicate. CU1530 1.2
Communication affects relationships in many ways in the work setting.

Effective communication is a two-way process. The person communicating has to send a clear and concise message to the responding party. The message must be understood correctly to have a response.
Communication with other staff members is important in the Childcare setting so you are able to share and gain information, help a settle in to reassure the child or parent, support children’s play and learning, help transition go smoothly and work effectively as a team.
Without communicating effectively with other members of staff you will find it difficult because you will not transfer any relevant information necessary.
At Steady Steps we have a communication sheet which is left out for all staff to see. There are initials of each staff member and space to put your message underneath. Once you have read the message you sign the sheet to say you have seen it. Information that goes on this sheet could be letting staff know someone isn’t coming in that day or if a parent has passed on information. This is good communication as this is transferring information that all staff may need to know. Another way in which we communicate at Steady Steps is regular planning meetings on a Friday which is a good opportunity for all staff members to discuss things.
Examples of bad communication would be not passing on information that is relevant such as if a parent had told you that he had bumped their head this morning and needs to be observed. If this wasn’t passed on then staff would not know to observe that particular child and could lead to a serious situation.
I have attached a copy of out Staff Messages form we use to pass on messages that parents have told us or things that we feel the staff need to know. Once...