How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another. Task 1. 1-2

They might have a learning disability, or, a problem at home which may affect their area such as reading and math skills, language, and behavioral/emotional development, regular teachers (and at least one special education teachers if applicable), and you may still be able to provide help for him in other ways, like hiring a tutor .Disability and sensory impairment, for example loss of sight or hearing,can delay development in some children. This is because an essentialpart of the whole picture of development may be missing. If you thinkabout how important hearing speech is before a child can talk, it is notsurprising that communication skills may be delayed. Multi-agency childdevelopment centres work with children who have some form ofdisability to help to promote their development.
A child can intellectually be smart as in good with math and anything that includes thought processing but if the child has a physical disability it would be hard for them to apply this because they won't be able to balance or may have a delay when sending signals to the body, however, a lot of times children get frusrated when they can't do something because they have a physical disability and this can affect their intellectual development because it makes the child feel less confident. imagine knowing something and knowing how to do it but not being able to apply it or control it.This in turn would make them emotionalyy frustrated, angry and sad at the things they are unable to do which all their friends are doing.
Speech delay may in turn affect there social development as they may find hard to interact with others who dont understand what they are saying and unable to communicate and then the lack of confidence follow on into adult hood etc
Their fine motor skills would be limited, their language skills would be delayed. They would be lacking socially and this in turn would lead to them being emotionally angry as well as...