How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another


  * An obese 14 attending Secondary school will struggle when doing sports, and won’t get the exercise he needs. Which will have an effect on his physical development, being obese could result in him getting teased and bullied, leaving him self-conscious and embarrassed which damages him emotionally. It may result in him skipping school or spending all his time alone which will have a massive effect on him socially

  * A young child that does not share may find social interaction with other children a problem, other children may be reluctant to play with them, this will effect emotional development as the child will feel lonely and left out

  * A child who gets bullied will have their development harmed in various ways, they will have their social development effected because they will be scared to interact with others they will become isolated and lonely. Emotionally they may feel angry and frustrated which will lead to behavioural problems as they try to deal with their problems.


The main effects on a child’s development come from their Background, Health and their Environment. These effects can be both positive and negative.

Background: (negative)

Over protective parents hold their children back from exploring the world around them, children need space and freedom to learn and meet new people this helps with their physical, emotional and social development.
Financial hardship has a number of effects on children it can hinder their physical development due to the lack of healthy food, A child can be bullied and teased if they don’t wear the latest fashion leaving them unlikely to form relationships with other kids and may development an inferiority complex thus harming their social and emotional development.  

Background: (positive)

  * Children whose parents encourage them from an early age grow up with more confidence and are a...