How Can Modern Behavioural Therapies Help a Client Accept the Uncertainty of Their Future

How can Modern Behavioural Therapies Help a Client to Accept the Uncertainty of Their Future

In this essay I am going to look at Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in helping clients to face any uncertainty in their future. I will describe how each therapy works and discuss how it can help   clients move forward.
People commence therapy in order to understand and then change their present. It is important to try and ascertain what your client wishes to achieve from therapy. When working with deeper issues we often find that a client cannot actually see a future for themselves at all. We are, in most cases looking at removing fear of the future and inculcating hope that the future is going to be ok and this may only be enabled by investigating the clients past, a task that they must join in with.
Often the clients view of their future self and their therapists view will be the same at the end game of therapy. The client will have ideally realised their new potential and be working with the therapist to make their realisation a reality. The client will have come to terms with the fears and changes that they need to work through as well as the ones they have experienced during therapy.
In the case of deeper issues the future can be full of fear for people and it may be that this fear cannot be completely laid to rest. The goal may have to revolve around learning to live with the presence of instinctual fears.
In order to help our clients move towards a future that they want we need to reflect on the concept of human happiness. We spend time thinking about the meaning of life and this can lead to difficulties in that we may realise our discontent with our lot and strive to do something about it. As a species we hate change as it causes anxiety but we have, or the majority of us have, a natural desire to improve our situation and move up Maslow's 'hierarchy of needs'.
There are some therapeutic models that help provide people...