Hotel Establishments Based on High Demand

It is clearly appears from this article that the government of sultanate of Oman represented on the ministry of tourism provides a huge of facilities, advices, solving difficulties etc… for both the local and foreign investors who invest in the tourism sector in Sultanate of Oman in order to encourage such investments . Recently and according to this article, the no. of established hotels in overall Sultanate of Oman is 228 and out of this number, there are 133 hotels outside Muscat.

It is also found that the final approvals of hotel establishments overall regions of Sultanate of Oman reached to 133 till October/2010. These hotel establishments will provide 6007 hotel rooms and apartments during the following two years that are 2011 and 2012.   Out of 6007; there will be 3730 hotel rooms and apartments in Muscat and 2277 hotel rooms and apartments that are related to other left regions in Sultanate of Oman.

It is further noted that the initial approvals are not included in the above mentioned number which is 6007 hotel rooms and apartments, because they are passing through several stages which require approvals from different concerned ministries in each stage. This is simply means that the number is much larger than the 6007 in case if we include the non approved ones. However, the number of rooms and apartments recently meet the current requirements in offering housing and recommendations for the visitors as well as the tourists.

Approval of any project is passing through three stages; first stage is for the initial approval and its duration is 6 months, the project proposal and plans should be presented and they should match and in compliance with the set of rules and regulations in sultanate of Oman.   The second stage is for the final approval and it is for 6 months which is the construction stage; while the last stage represents issuing all required the license; through this stage, the construction should be ready and the concerned ministries will...