Homework 4 B

Homework 4B
1) What actions has this person engaged in that suggest she is comfortable using each of the following approaches when working with and/or managing other? Try to identify as many different types of behaviors as you can.
First of all I want to start by saying were I worked at, it was San Diego State University in the career services department. I work as an administrative assistant with different tasks in the office. Since this place is were students go to find jobs and employees go to post jobs we needed to keep everything organized and clear. Jobs were posted either on site or on the career services website. The leader that I admire is my previous boss, her name is Patricia. She was my manager. We were only 6 in her group, but she was able to have everything in control. Her human relations approaches have collaboration, commitment and cohesion. She was an easy going person, when she needed to give us a warning she would do it in a kind way. She used manners when telling us if we did something wrong. She also helped us to learn how to do things. If we need it to have something on time she would let us know in advance and also she would remind us throughout the process of the project. She would give us projects on advance and put us in small groups of three. Each person on the group needed to work on a specific task. She teached us to help each other if it was necessary. When there was a new computer system she guide us in the process, so it was faster to learn. Even though, she wanted to maintain everything in order she did had the command, but it was not like she was the boss, she acted like a leader guiding us always.
2) Based on your answers above, does it appear that this person has a large behavioral repertoire and a high level of behavioral complexity?
It appears to me that this person has a small behavioral repertoire and some level of behavioral complexity. She did liked to have things done her way, but if any other person came up with a...