Accounting 102 – Managerial Accounting
Homework Manager Instructions

Under the class URL, http://mh8.brownstone.net/classes/ACCT211-1/   you will find the “register for this class” link on the student menu. Enter your 20 digit code in the boxes on the Student Registration page and click the next button. Fill out the register form that appears and click the “o.k.” button. Click the “yes” button to confirm your account.

Please note the following tips:

1. All deadlines are listed in Eastern Time (a system rule that I cannot change). Therefore, it is important that you remember that all homework will open at 8:00 a.m. Central Time on the date indicated on Homework Manager and will close at 10:50 a.m. Central Time on the date indicated on Homework Manager. Remember that Eastern Time is always one hour ahead of Central Time. This should help you avoid missing any deadlines.
2. You can only do one thing at a time. You cannot view past results while you are in the process of taking an assignment. You cannot take two graded assignments at the same time.
3. When trying to print an assignment use the browser’s Print Preview and Page Setup options to get the best output possible. You should switch from portrait to landscape, and you should extend the margins as far as possible.
4. Use the “next”, “back”, “jump to”, and “save my work” buttons periodically to save and avoid timing out. If there is no activity within 60 minutes, Homework Manager will automatically log out your session.
5. Click “quit and save” if you wish to work on your assignment at a later time without grading. Remember, you can only work on one open assignment that has not been graded at one time.
6. Don’t copy and paste; this might enter illegal characters in your homework and prevent you from getting a grade.