Home Depot

Assignment One: Chap 17 (Silzer) They Can Do It! You can help! A look at Talent
Practices at the Home Depot.

Dr. Tonya D. Moore

Talent Management

October 22, 2011

They Can Do It! You can help! A look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank and the first two stores were opened June 22, 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia (Home Depot website, 2011).
The company was built on the premise of providing excellent customer service and doing “whatever it takes” to establish long-term relationships with customers.
Today, Home Depot is the second largest retailer in the world with revenues in excess of $90 billion (Silzer & Dowell, 2010, pp. 655-667).
Home Depot continues to be committed to those values that have earned the company the distinction of being the number one home improvement retailer in the world (p.655).   This distinction was earned by employing strategies that has helped the company to maintain its competitive edge over its competitors by continuing to provide excellent customer service, taking care of people, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for all people, building strong relationships, doing the right thing, giving back to communities, and creating shareholder value (website, 2011).
A crucial element of The Home Depot’s success centers on how executives channeled its processes of talent management to meet the needs of its growing company.
Leadership/Competitive Advantage
The vast majority of Home Depot’s leadership is placed into key frontline management roles where they interact on a day-to-day basis with customers.   According to Charles Fishman (2007), “in the new economy, competition is global, capital is abundant, ideas are developed quickly and cheaply, and people are willing to change jobs often.   In that kind of environment, all that matters is talent–talent wins” (para. 1).
The leadership at Home Depot understands the significant of attracting and retaining top talent,...