Have you got a hobby? I have –_______. I’ve done it since I was quite little because my uncle and aunt are potters, and whenever we went to visit them on holiday I always played on the pottery wheel.
I’ve only really become more ______about pottery since about 2008, when I decided to join an evening class. Then, last year, I ______my own potter’s wheel, so I can make pots at home now.
I’ve made lots of different things over the years. When I started, I made some very strange, heavy little ______But little by little, I’ve managed to make thinner bowls, and I’ve just made a set of bowls that we use for breakfast every day. I’ve also made lots of mugs. These are getting better too – the first ones were really _____even before you put ______in them! My neighbour’s just asked me to make a set of mugs for her, and I’ve sold quite a few to friends.
When I first started, I used to put a ball of clay on the wheel, and then I had absolutely no control over it. Sometimes it ______a bowl, sometimes a plate, maybe a _____and often I had to throw it away – it was always quite a surprise! Thankfully I have ______since then, as I can now decide what I want to make before I start making it. I have learnt to control the clay to make the shape I ____I have also started making bigger things like jugs and serving bowls, and more difficult things like teapots. I haven’t sold any _____yet, but my kitchen is getting very full so I think I’ll need to start selling them soon!