Find Your Wild Side
Everyone has hobbies that they enjoy doing. Some people collect things, some like different types of sports, some like to build things, and some like the outdoors. Whatever your hobby maybe you should take time out of your busy life to do the things you love. One of my hobbies that I enjoy is to go hiking. Hiking involves many different aspects that make it fun. Hiking involves adventure, nature, exercise, animals, and the chance to spend time with your family and friends.
Nature just has something spectacularly special about it. It is amazing how the way the sun reflects off the water or the way the sun sets with a pink haze off the clouds. It is just amazing to look at all of nature and see how beautiful it is. Hiking just gives you a chance to be “one with nature.” Nature also has all sorts of different animals. When I see a wild animal it just makes me think of how awesome it is to see something wild. When I hike it just makes me feel wild. Nature and wildlife makes me feel full of adventure.
Adventure means: an exciting or very unusual experience. I am the kind of person that likes to experience different and exciting things. I don’t like to do the same thing each and every day. Most people just go to work and come home and don’t get to experience the thrill of hiking. Hiking lets you experience the adventure of being “one with nature” and the chance to do

something exciting. Dare to do something out of the ordinary. Adventure doesn’t have to be done alone.
Hiking also can be a great way to spend time with all of your family and friends. Some of my earliest memories as a child involve going hiking with my family and friends. Just the fact of being a young boy with my parents going hiking was a special part in my bond with my parents. I also remember a special time in my life about a couple of summers ago. It was me, my mom, my brother, and my step cousin, Dallas that went on that trip. We went to Colorado City State Park....