The early search for
In 1888 the civil war was over and people were looking for land, farm, new homes, and new ways of life. In mountains and high deserts a big search took place for gold and silver as well that was over too.buiseness were digging up the mines instead of it being open to the stasis.aman named Richard Wetherill was 30 years old when he and his younger brothers and sisters still lived with there parents and there married sister still lived close by. Some times during the winter richer and his family members would go and ride of to the cliff dwellings. One day when his sister’s husband was looking for stray cattle he found a cliff dwelling that had never seen before then he went to that place and named it cliff place because this place had the largest cliff dwelling.snow fell and the men were cold but that did not stop them from going on there journey. they figured were town square was. 182large cliff dwelling and many other small cliff dwellings.
it was June and still exploring but he knew that his brother would only be able to go not much longer .baron believed that this cliff’s were there for along time. And that machine had dug most of it. The tree was lead to believe to be 62 years old. many others had to discover the cliff dwellings also. the people did many things such as hang yang’s and cloths. They also found mummy sans skeletons and dry bones but to have cased a war over death.