History of the Playstation


I decided to do my speech on the history of a gaming system and how it’s evolved from when it 1st started till where it’s at now. I will be detailing each system that has come out in differing detail as some have more to offer then others. Another thing I might bring up is a Magazine that has spawned from the systems it’s self about them showing info about them and up-coming and already out games.


The Play Station One

This was the 1st of them to be made concepts date back as early as 1986.
The system was original brought to Sony, by Nintendo to work as a group effort but after some conflicts of contract, Nintendo re-read through the old contract years later and noticed it gave Sony way to much in terms of rights and so on thus canceling the deal with them.

From that Sony produced the 1st Play stations only about 200 or so of them were actually made, the exact number has been lost with time. Seeing that Sony had made the console from the base of the Original Specs, Nintendo decided to sue on breach of contract. Nintendo won the case and from that they gained the rights to all of the to all their games that could be played on it as well as some of the ones that Sony would have had. They also were to receive a bulk of the profits.

As well as some other info on that since there are more systems to cover I’ll move on.

The Play Station 2

This would be Sony’s next Generation Console and by far one outstanding for it’s time.
The project for the Console was announced in 1999 in the month of March. The first systems were released one year later in Japan. The console would go global over the next year spreading all over from North America to Australasia. As it stands the Ps2 is the best selling console out to date as of 2009 it has sold over 140 Million units. The system had three main competitors the Saga Dream Cast and the X-Box by Microsoft as well as Nintendo’s GameCube.

The Play Station Portable

The Play station...