History of the Nfl

The History of the National Football League (NFL)

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The NFL has been around for a long time since 1922 and is still going stonger than ever today. The NFL pretty much just started pretty basic with very few rules uniforms were nothing like they are today. For the first almost 20 years the NFL was just a white man sport only but that did start to change when some black people started playing football. Touchdowns used to be counted for four points and field goals were five points. They then changed the field goal points down to four points and then finally three and they then change touchdowns to the todays six points. And for the stadium part of it is funny because now todays stadiums are worth about 10 times more then did did back then and also can fit about double the people they used to. So the NFL did go a long ways and still continuing to improve the day everyday.
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In the United States sports are a big part of Americans lives. Men and women from around the country travel to watch their favorite sports team. Football is one of them. Along with any other sports out there football is huge in American lives. The history of the NFL is very interesting and came a long way in its journey to get where it is today. Even today they still make changes so who knows what football will be like in the future.  
January 24, 1992 the NFL ( the National Football League) begins. From before the league was named the American Professional Football Association officially renamed itself the National Football League. 1936 was the first official NFL draft. It was the first of the annual draft for college players to enter the NFL. The first player ever selected, was also the Heisman Trophy winner in college named Jay Berwanger. He believe it or not...