History of Malaya

1.Briefly   explain the history of Malacca.
The history of the city Of Malacca begins with the Hindu prince Parameswara. Malacca gained control over the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and the key shipping route through the strait of Malacca during the middle and in the late 1400s’. This city is located strategically for trade and became the most influential port in Southeast Asia for 50 years. Malacca became a Muslim kingdom in the mid 1400s’ as many traders brought in the Islamic religion and Malacca rulers were made known as “Sultan”. Islam spread throughout the Malay peninsula and Southeast Asia as Malacca became a Muslim kingdom. The Europeans were attracted to Malacca’s prosperity as it controls the valuable price trade. In 1511, the Portuguese conquered the commercial kingdom of Malacca but were unsuccessful conquering the Malay Peninsula. Thus, there it began a colonial legacy into the 20th century.

2. What are the two (2) lessons learnt from the much opposed Malayan Union?
There are many lessons that can be derived from the much opposed Malayan Union. One of the lessons would be the willingness to fight for our own rights. As in the event of establishment of the Malayan Union, we can see that the Malays were represented by 41 Malay associations and organisations which was then formed the UMNO which had join forces to go against the Malayan Union which was then under the consultation of Sir Edward Gent as the Governor of the Malayan Union called under the abolishment of the Malayan Union. From these series of events it proves that it is essential to have a will to retain what is rightfully belong to us.
The other valuable lesson is that the person who acts as the symbol of power and sovereignty of a country or in this case the Malay Rulers should have protected their own country for the sake of their citizens by not easily bowing down to any threats. For example, Harold Mc Michael came to ask for the signature of the Rulers on the agreement of approving the...