Us History Essay

Aliana Opuni
October 10 2010
A.P U.S History
          There many reason why the colonist were just for wanting freedom. When the colonist first came to America they came because they wanted freedom, Freedom of religion and freedom from English government. They colonist came for a new beginning but things soon change when the English wanted more control over the colonies. Britain began to impose new taxes on the colonies without the colonies having a right to argue against the taxation. The colonists were not allowed to elect people to the House of Commons, and had no voice in the House of Lords either. Britain could basically make laws that took money out of the colonist pockets.
          Another reason why the colonist were just for wanting freedom is the navigation laws that stated the colonies could only trade with England only. Though the colonist did benefit from this they were being controlled and couldn't trade with others. The British also issued acts like the quartering acts which stated that the people in the colonies had house and feed British troops. Parliament also introduced the declaratory act giving parliament full control over laws in the colonies. The Townshend act: it taxed glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. The colonist was being treated unfairly because they came to America to be free not to be controlled from a distance. The British did not give them a voice so the colonist wanted to separate from English and become it own nation. The colonists were just for wanting independence because they hated the taxes levied against them, the acts being passed without their consent, and the control the British had over the colonies; the colonist felt they deserved rights.
    Though the colonists were just for wanting independence they were also wrong. When colonist first initiated they wanted independence they were heading down a risky road. The people of the colonies wanted independence but they were putting their relationship...