History Civil Rights

A2 Personal Learning Checklist
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Theme 5: Civil Rights in the USA, 1865-1992:

This theme focuses on the struggle of citizens in the United States to gain equality before
the law without regard to ethnic origin, gender or wealth. Candidates should understand
the factors which encouraged and discouraged change during this period.

Candidates are not expected to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the specification
content but are expected to know the main developments and turning points relevant to
the theme.

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African Americans:Specified Content: Their position in 1865; the role of African Americans in gaining civilrights (eg Booker T. Washington, Dubois, Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers); theroles of Federal (Presidents, Congress and Supreme Court) and State governments in the struggle; the role of anti- and pro-civil rights groups; the Civil Rights Movement to 1992. | Key Question 1: How far did black Americans acquire civil rights in the period ofReconstruction?Focus Points:• What was the attitude towards slavery in the USA up to its abolition in 1865?• What were the changes in the legal and political status of African Americans after 1865?• How successfully did African Americans adjust to freedom?• How did whites react to black freedom and what white groups were set up?• What civil rights had black people gained by 1877?• What was the federal response to African American’s in the reconstruction?• What barriers stood in the way of black Americans obtaining equality of opportunity between 1865 and 1877?Key Question 2: How far did black civil rights fail to develop between 1877 and1915?Focus Points:• What were economic and social conditions like for blacks in 1900?• How far did the Supreme Court support rather than...