History 1302 Pt 1

18 June 2011
Part I Essay
Chapter 19
#1.     Describe the problems that settlers faced on the frontier. Be sure also to focus on the conditions that women faced as they settled west.
    Problems that the settlers faced while settling and trying to stay settled on the vast new frontier were many and dangerous to say the least. Problems came from many and all angles and unfortunately, it seems, there was more often than not, several problems to deal with at a time. The hardships that settlers face were everywhere, from the Indians in the area attacking in times of unrest. The gangs and outlaws roaming around always posed a serious threat, bugs decimating crops, wind and sand storms, droughts that could last a month or a decade, disease, both human and animal, lack of building materials, lack of law enforcement and in some cases lack of law period. All of these considered, and then you have the more “subtle” issues at hand such as political issues, corruption, Land disputes, between the government, the rail companies, and the individual landowners. The continual and ongoing territorial disputes between Indians, the government and individual landowners, and likely the rail companies in some instances. The corruption in what limited political influence there was around and the influence it had both locally and back east in regards to taxation, voting rights, property ownership rights, and dispute resolution.
    Then all other things considered the hardships and difficulties that Women specifically had to face. I like to say that my Dad’s generation is some of the toughest people ever put on the planet.
I am not trying to discount anyone’s generational intestinal fortitude here, for about every single generation of Americans has faced down several hardships of their own. However, when trying to imagine what it must have been like been then, these clearly were some of the toughest and most determined people, Women especially, ever. The thought of burying more...