Hiqqa Inspection Overview

Overview of Inspections in public acute Hospitals
against the national Standards for the prevention and control of Healthcare Associated Infections.   From February to January 2015, Carried out by Health Information and Quality Authority 19th of March 2015.

This report is based on the findings of 54 unannounced hygiene inspections carried out, 47 inspection reports have been published on their website www.hiqa.ie.   Non- compliances identified were only reported on.
The main high risk issues identified related to, environment and facilities management, hand hygiene, communicable and transmissible disease control and unclean patient equipment.
Environmental hygiene on cleanliness of equipment and facilities available to the patient high- lighted poor cleanliness.   Hand hygiene by staff where necessary to prevent the spread of Healthcare Associated Infection’s seemed good in hospitals whom provided training and education.
On re-inspections of 5 hospitals carried out during February to January 2015 they seen vast improvements, but in some areas the issues had not been resolved at all.
HIQA’s conclusion on the overall inspection that the health system has room to improve the standard of environmental cleanliness and hand hygiene.   The inspectors noticed where there was a strong leadership the compliance for hand hygiene amongst the staff.
I do feel that the hospitals and HSE should be implementing good hand hygiene techniques to visitors of the patience in the hospital along with their own staff, as this would have a major impact on Infection Prevention and control.   A leaflet should be provided to state the correct procedure as the diagram on page 18 of the report.   It highlights key times when to clean your hands, such as before touching patient and after touching the patient and their environment.
I do fully appreciate that some hospitals are under financial restrains and cannot ensure every patient environment has an alcohol hand rub station but they...